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BUS 125: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Term: Spring Fall

Credits: 4

Degree Requirements:

This course introduces student of diverse majors to an alternative future where they may achieve financial independence and security for
themselves; while also contributing to the economic well-being of the community. Students will explore start-up and small business
issues and develop some of the skills needed to: evaluate the potential for success of ideas; determine resources needed and methods to
acquire them; communicate those ideas in a convincing manner; implement ideas into a working enterprise; understand and deal with
pitfalls; and manage and grow the resulting enterprise. Rhodes College is an incubator of ideas where students have been instilled with a
passion for their major fields while building a level of expertise in them. This course will enable students to look at their diverse
expertise and passions through the different perspective of turning ideas into enterprises. Class discussions will be exploratory in nature;
introducing a number of business skills needed by entrepreneurs. Students will make several presentations of their venture ideas, write
and present feasibility studies/business plans, and discuss small business and start-up firm cases. There may also be some participation in
the course by the entrepreneurial community. This course is open to students of all majors.

Prerequisites: none.