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BUS 280: Personal Financial Management

Term: Spring Fall

Credits: 4

Degree Requirements:

This course focuses on the development of a working knowledge of basic tools that guide the student in the acquisition of sound personal
financial discipline at the individual level. The course approaches this objective assuming that the student has little or no background in
the issues or tools relating to the management of one’s financial resources, with a focus on the development and appropriate
implementation of a personal budget; the management of individual credit exposure and issues surrounding the borrowing and
repayment of money; an analysis of investment alternatives and vehicles, and risks typically associated therewith; the impact of personal
income taxes on decision making where multiple financial alternatives exist. Particular nuances of stock, bond, mutual fund, and ETF
investment alternatives are explored, as well as the structural aspects of tax-deferred savings opportunities (including 401(K) and IRA
vehicles.) The protection of wealth through the use of insurance and other risk management techniques is also emphasized. (Not
scheduled for 2016-2017)

Not open to first-year students or to Business or Economics/Business majors.

Prerequisites: none.