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BUS 460: Internship/Professional Development

Term: Spring Fall

Credits: 4

Degree Requirements:

Open only to Business majors, the internship program provides an experiential approach to the learning process and affords students the
opportunity to work in both business and nonprofit organizations for academic credit. Internship placements are designed to complement
learning goals and career plans by allowing the student to apply theoretical principles learned in the traditional classroom. Placements
are arranged by the Director of Career Services and work schedules are arranged by the student and the on-site supervisor. Typically
students work on specific projects related to their career interests and compatible with the goals and interests of the sponsoring
organization. A major focus of the course is teaching students better interview skills and how to improve their written and verbal
communication techniques all within a context of the student becoming more professional as he/she approaches obtaining a job, and how
better to conduct themselves on the job. Internships are available to junior and senior Business majors. Arrangements for internships are
made the semester prior to the actual experience. No more than 8 internship credits may be allowed to count toward the credits required
for graduation.

Prerequisites: Intermediate Accounting Theory I Corporate Financial Management Management of Organizations Marketing Management,