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BUS 464: Entrepreneurship

Term: Spring Fall

Credits: 4

Degree Requirements:

The course will start with a brief recap of the development of the current theories of entrepreneurship, and a discussion of the value of
those theories using some actual examples in the form of scenarios and case studies. The participants will practice techniques related to
the critical analysis of novel business opportunities in terms of market conditions, product/service value, existing and potential
competition, design of operations, and the availability of critical resources. There will be several formal and informal presentations
which will be given in the context of an entrepreneur making a pitch to potential investors. Development of detailed business plans will
be a major deliverable in the course, including entry strategies, human resource/management considerations, legal and financial issues,
pricing, promotion, and implementation plans. Cash flow and forecasting the first 3-5 years and discussion of some challenges to be
anticipated in those early years will also be expected. Before the course starts, students will be required to present and gain instructor
approval of a proposal for a business opportunity personally to explore during the semester. (Not scheduled for 2016-2017)

Prerequisites: Corporate Financial Management Management of Organizations Marketing Management,