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BUS 482: Influence of Catalan Culture on Conducting International Business: Advanced Applications

Term: Junemester

Credits: 4

Degree Requirements: F9 F11

This course raises awareness about the influence of regional and local culture on business activities. Students will analyze key elements
of the Catalan culture through readings from traditional Catalan literature and scholarly articles that focus on identifying cultural
dimensions and their effect on business. The students will use these readings to analyze everyday experiences during their three-week
program in Barcelona. Through the students’ reflections on their exposure to the Catalan culture, they will compare and contrast the local
culture with their own and explore the impact of those differences on living, working, competing in athletic events and conducting
business abroad. Students will apply the knowledge gained from their exploration of Catalan culture to the functional area(s) of business
they have completed in their 300-level business course(s).

Prerequisites: none.