Rhodes Study Abroad Programs

European Studies

European Studies is a fifteen-week program offered jointly by Rhodes and The University of the South (Sewanee) that takes place from mid-summer through early Fall. It is a full semester of study abroad and offers the unique experience of studying in a variety of locations in Europe in a special and quite different learning environment. The program begins in July with three weeks of study at either Rhodes College or The University of the South with Rhodes and Sewanee faculty. The students then travel to England where there is a seven day practicum of archaeology and field work conducted by British tutors at York and the University of Durham, followed by six weeks with British and European instructors at Lincoln College, Oxford. The program closes with five weeks of travel in Western Europe, accompanied by British and European tutors in Art History.
European Studies offers two academic options or “tracks.” The first track, “Ancient Greece and Rome: The Foundations of Western Civilization,” is a comprehensive study of the thinking and achievement of Ancient Greece and Rome and their importance to Western Civilization. The second track, “Western Europe in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance,” is an integrated cultural portrait of Western Europe in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. They both provide a highly enjoyable experience of other cultures and other academic methods that enriches study back on the Rhodes campus. The experience culminates with extensive, student-authored academic journals that integrate what has been learned during the semester and in the five weeks of study and travel.

Students in the European Studies program pay their tuition and fees to Rhodes and receive need-based financial aid as granted by Rhodes. Aid is limited to the amount that would be granted in support of a semester’s study at Rhodes. The credits are applied directly to degree requirements and are factored into the Rhodes grade point average.

This curriculum will be offered for the Fall 2018 European Studies program. A total of 18 credits is earned for the successful completion of this program. Courses are approved as meeting major, general or foundational degree requirements in the appropriate department or division as noted. Since courses are developed annually, some variation in topics may occur from year to year although the departments and general fields of study remain constant.