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Information Technology Services

Richard T. Trenthem, Jr. Director of Information Technology Services. B.A., Rhodes College; M.L.I.S., University of Texas.
Sue D. Hall. Programmer-Analyst. B.A., Rhodes College.
Rose Ann Hicks. Media Center Supervisor. B.A., M.Ed., Southeastern Oklahoma State University. 
Caley Foreman. Senior Desktop Specialist. B.A., Mississippi State University.
Corey A. Phillips. Multimedia Support Manager. B.A. University of Mississippi
Lance Kimbrell. Desktop Support Specialist. A.A.S. Mississippi Delta Community College.
Stacy S. Pennington. Associate Database Analyst. B.A., Rhodes College.
Jermaine S. Pickens. Application Specialist. B.S. Alabama A&M University.
Edward A. Trouy. Network and Computer Engineer. A.E.T., State Technical Institute, Memphis.
Douglas G. Walker. Systems Administrator. A.A.S., State Technical Institute, Memphis.

Rhodes is committed to providing a wide range of technlogy resources to support the diverse work of faculty, staff and students. 

Information Technology Services (ITS) is located on the lower level of Barret Library. Computing facilities include servers that provide network file sharing, email, an on-line library system, delivery of online course materials and electronic forums. Additionally there are three computer labs with approximately 90 workstations that are connected to the campus network. Equipped with a multimedia projection system, two of the labs are teaching labs. Computing resources dedicated to specific disciplines are located in various academic buildings on campus, notably in the science and mathematics buildings. The campus computer network is built upon an Ethernet backbone is linked to the Internet, enabling global communication. There are over 50 “smart” classrooms across campus equipped with full multimedia capability. Wireless access is available in most locations throughout campus, including common spaces outdoors. and all of the residence halls.

Students have access to email, fileservers, printing and the Internet. Assistance for students is available on several levels. Student Computer Consultants are available in the Computer Depot and student assistants are available to assist users and assure proper operation of printers and equipment. Assistance can also be obtained from the Information Desk located on the main floor of Barret Library.