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Requirements for a Major in Art History

For those students interested in the study of art history with graduate school as a possible goal, this program of study is suggested. The following courses are required.

A total of forty-eight (48) credits as follows:

  1. Studio Art: 101 and either 105 or 107.
  2. Art History: 151, 152, 218, 223, 242, 485,
  3. One additional course in each of the three areas, at least one of which must be 300 level:
    1. Ancient studies (Prehistoric through Roman.) (may include 209, 219, 220, 353, and 265/365-Special Topics in Ancient Art History.)
    2. Medieval through Baroque. (may include 221, 226, 228, 356, 265/365-Special Topics in Medieval through Baroque Art History.)
    3. Modern (post 1800.) (may include 234, 241, 245, 330, 260, 265/365-Special Topics in Modern Art History.)
  4. One additional course in Art History at 200 level or above.

German and/or French through the 201-level are strongly recommended for those students planning to pursue graduate work in art history.