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Requirements for a Major in Chinese Studies

A total of 36 credits as follows:
1. Chinese 301 (Advanced Chinese I) and 302 (Advanced Chinese II).
    China Maymester may be substituted for one of the above.

2. One of the following:
    Chinese 306: Introduction to East Asian Cultures
    Chinese 314: Introduction to Chinese Culture

3. Two of the following:
    Chinese 305: Modern Chinese Literature in Translation
    Chinese 307: Orientalism and Global China on Screen
    Chinese 315: Gender in Chinese Literature
    Chinese 316: Asian Urbanization/Cinema
    Chinese 320: Contemporary Chinese Cinema
    (Chinese 305-320 can be taken in conjunction with one credit of 311.)
    Chinese 409: Special Topics

4. Two of the following:
    History 282: Traditional China
    History 283: Modern China
    History 481: Cold War in East Asia
    Religious Studies 258/Philosophy 250: Asian Philosophies

5. One of the following:
    INTS 261: Government and Politics of China
    INTS 262: China’s Foreign Policy
    INTS 263: Comparative Political Economy of East Asia
    INTS 264: China-Taiwan-US Relations

6. Chinese 485: Senior Seminar