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Requirements for a Major in Physics Leading to the B.S. Degree

A total of fifty-five (55) credits as follows:

  1. Physics 111-112 (or 109-110 with departmental approval), 113L-114L.
  2. Physics 211, 213.
  3. Physics 250.
  4. Physics 301, 305, 401, and 406.
  5. Physics 486.
  6. At least 4 additional Physics credits at the 300-level or above.
  7. Mathematics 121, 122, 251, and 223 or appropriate substitutes as approved by the Physics Department. It is recommended that these courses be taken in the first two years.

Students planning to pursue graduate study in physics are strongly encouraged to take as many upper elective physics courses as possible. Mathematics 261, 370 and Computer Science 141 also are recommended.

Students planning to pursue dual degree or graduate study in engineering should consult with Professor Elizabeth Young who serves as the pre-engineering advisor.

Physics majors are encouraged to consider study abroad opportunities, and should consult with their academic advisor about suitable options.