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For Students Considering a Career in Law

Political Science is an especially good major for those interested in a career in law. The American Bar Association identifies a set of skills and bodies of knowledge that students considering a career in law should develop through their undergraduate education, and the Political Science major concentrates on all of these to a very high degree. These core skills and values include "analytic and problem-solving skills," "critical reading abilities," "writing skills," "oral communication and listening abilities," and "general research skills," among others.* The Political Science curriculum will involve you repeatedly in academic work that hones each of these, and covers areas of knowledge the ABA considers important preparation for law school: a comprehension of the contemporary American political and legal systems; political development of the United States; the fundamental principles of political thought; a basic understanding of human behavior and social interaction; and the ability to organize, manage, and analyze data in the process of conducting research. Law-related internships or co-curricular activities may also be appropriate.