ANSO 275 Food and Culture


Food is not only important as nutrition, but as a symbol of identity, a marker of status, a sealer of alliances and an item of social and economic currency. This course examines the myriad uses, meanings and impacts of food cross-culturally. This contributes to the mission of the department, giving students an in-depth view of one of the basic aspects of human cultures. Students will come away with a more thoughtful and nuanced view of their own societal practices, as well as those of many others. We will take a critical view of human relationships with their environments, vis-à-vis food production in past and present communities. This class will serve not only for anthropology/sociology majors and minors, but also for students with an interest in archaeology and environmental studies and those in other disciplines who wish to broaden their understanding of one of the most important and basic aspects of our lives and societies.

Degree Requirements

Environmental Studies Elective