ANSO 343 Social Movements

Spring, Fall

Group mobilizations and social movements, on the one hand, have been and are transforming our social life, and on the other hand, have influenced how we perceive and experience our world and people around us. In this course, we will ask: When do we learn that we want a structural change? What does it take for a group of people to organize for change? Why and when do we start to defy instead of accepting the status quo and abiding by the rules? Why don’t we constantly protest to create our desired world? What do we lose, and what do we gain once we engage in contentious politics? How do people organize for collective action? How do they recruit their members or convince people to join? And how do they define their goals and choose their tactics and strategies? Do movements die after they achieve their goals? Are there similarities between movements across time and place? What are the criteria for successful social movements?