ANSO 345 Just Food: Race, Class, and Gender in the US South


This course brings together theoretical perspectives from Anthropology, Food, Environmental and Black Studies alongside hands-on, community-based experiences in Memphis. Through hands-on experiences at different field sites, invited lectures and weekly discussions, students will engage in questions concerning: a) how to theorize, research, and address food inequalities across time and space; b) how to build food movements within and across lines of difference; and c) how different forms of inequality intersect in the lives of Memphis residents. The focus in this course is on southern cities due to the vast social and economic, food-based issues that community members face in these cities. Food has a deep historical past and connection within this region and this course will help to explore the past, present and future those connections. Our ultimate goal is to bring together students and community partners in synergistic ways to promote cultural engagement and problem-solving of our most pressing social, political, and economic issues of the 21st century – food equity.

Prerequisite: ANSO 103, or ANSO 105, or AFS 105, ENVS 150, or Permission of the Instructor


Degree Requirements

Africana Studies Elective
Environmental Studies Elective
Gender and Sexuality Studies Elective
Urban Studies Elective