ANSO 352 Ethnography at Home: Engaging in Another World


Participant-observation is the methodological core of anthropology. Yet, participant-observation is a critical qualitative method that should be exercised across all disciplines and professions that address the human condition. We will explore this assertion in practice and in discussion around the seminar table. This course will focus on the “doing” of ethnography by asking you to respectfully, socially, meaningfully, and sensuously engage with a moment in another’s world in the larger Memphis community. One way to describe ethnography is as a compelling descriptive pause to appreciate another way of being in and giving meaning to the world before one begins sustained and systematic social analysis and theorizing. Students will write a series of short papers that contribute toward the writing of a descriptive ethnography and the presentation of their findings to a campus audience.

This course is restricted to ANSO majors and minors. Any exceptions must be made by permission of the instructor.

Degree Requirements