ANSO 377 Migration, Dislocation, and Transnationalism in Latin America and the U.S.


This course explores contemporary issues and debates surrounding migration between Latin America and the U.S. and within Latin America. We will critically examine the causes of displacement, the effects of dislocation on migrants and their home communities, and the transborder, transnational ties that characterize migrant families and migrant labor in a globalized world. Themes for exploration include: changing conceptions of “the borderlands” and immigration policy; the security state, militarization of the border, and migrant detention; labor conditions and vulnerable, migratory work forces; drugs, violence, and organized crime; sex, gender, and migration; the politics and rhetoric of dehumanization; and resistance and activism at the border.

Pre-requisite: Any one of the following: ANSO 103, ANSO 105, LTNS 200, or permission of the instructor


Degree Requirements

Latin American Studies Elective