ART 245 Guernica and Antiwar Art

Spring, Fall

This course investigates how modern artists have opposed war over the past two centuries. It begins with a focus on Pablo Picasso’s monumental painting, Guernica, considers the historical precedents from which he drew inspiration, acknowledges the prevalence of war reporting and propaganda in shaping public opinion of combat, and then traces the legacy of his example. Much of the art under consideration was produced in the United States, so the course will provide one perspective on the so-called American Century. In addition to developing the skills of close looking, students will read both primary and secondary sources, as well as critical theory. All of this will help us to consider the efficacy of such art, especially that produced in a democracy. (Course offered in alternate years: scheduled for Spring 2023.)

Prerequisites: History of Western Art recommended, but not required.

Degree Requirements

Modern Art Elective