ART 386 Experiments in Media and Methods


Experimental Media and Methods is a required course in the sequence for the Rhodes College Art Major & Minor. The purpose of this course is to introduce studio artists to the methods required for the development of individually designed research AND creative projects, ultimately building toward the personal body of work and portfolio. This work will be undertaken with the approval and guidance of the art faculty as well as a group of peers. The required production component of the course is 10 hours minimum investment out of class per week. Personal projects will be exploratory, research driven and content centered and should result in the beginning of a body of work to be carried through into the senior year.
This course is designed to focus specifically on content ideation and material/mode research. Student-artists will cultivate actively chosen topics and subjects beginning the semester with wide, open ended prompts and moving into non-assignment driven work later in the semester. Process research is expected and flexibility within technical modes is mandatory.

Prerequisite:  At least one 200-level studio art course or permission of the instructor