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Film and Media Studies

admin June 16, 2015

Film and Media Studies at Rhodes College offers a critical understanding of the history, theory, and production of moving images. Interdisciplinary by design, Film and Media Studies draws from courses in various departments, including Art, Educational Studies, English, History, International Studies, Modern Languages and Literatures, Philosophy, Political Science, and Theatre. Film and Media Studies courses provide students with analytical tools for critiquing visual media as well as creative tools for producing digital art.


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Film and Media Studies: Program Committee

admin June 16, 2015

Rashna Richards, Department of English, Chair

Affiliated Faculty

Marshall Boswell, Department of English

Barron Boyd, Department of International Studies

Zachary Casey, Educational Studies Program

Karl Erickson, Department of Art

Joy Broke Fairfield, Department of Theatre

Han Li, Department of Modeern Languages and Literatures

Amy Jasperson, Department of Political Science

Sasha Kostina, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures

Michael LaRosa, Department of History

Laura Loth, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures

David McCarthy, Department of Art

Samson Ndanyi, Department of History 

Scott Newstok, Department of English

Shaolu Yu, Urban Studies Program

Nikolaos Zahariadis, Department of International Studies

Lynn Zastoupil, Department of History



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Requirements for a Minor in Film and Media Studies

admin June 16, 2015

A total of twenty (20) credits as follows:

  1. English 202: Introduction to Cinema
  2. English 382: Film Theory
  3. Three courses to be chosen from a list of offerings in various departments. One of these requirements may be satisfied by a directed inquiry or an internship (on approval of the Film Minor Committee). Courses regularly offered include:
    1. Art 102: Intro to Digital Art
    2. Art 116: Animation
    3. Art 202: Intermediate Digital Art
    4. Art 216: 3D Animation/Virtual Realities
    5. Art 245: Guernica and Antiwar Art
    6. Art 302: Advanced Digital Art
    7. Chinese 216/Urban Studies 265: Asian Urbanization through Cinema
    8. Chinese 220/320: Contemporary Chinese Cinema
    9. English 190: Shakespeare on Screen (when topic is appropriate)
    10. English 204: Introduction to Screenwriting
    11. English 241: History and Criticism of American Cinema
    12. English 242: World Film
    13. English 245: Special Topics in Film
    14. English 381: Advanced Topics in Film
    15. French 334: French and Francophone Cinema
    16. German 240/340: German Cinema
    17. History 105: Black Cinema
    18. History 105: British Empire through Film
    19. History 105: History of Latin America through Film
    20. International Studies 254: South Africa through Documentary Film
    21. International Studies 256: Weapons of Mass Deception
    22. Philosophy 101: Intro Seminar in Philosophy (when topic is appropriate)
    23. Political Science 208: Media and Politics
    24. Political Science 308: Political Advertising
    25. Russian 285: Putin's Russia and Media
    26. Russian 400: Russian Film
    27. Theatre 245: Dramatic Writing: Theater/Film/TV
    28. Theatre 265: LGBTQ Culture in Media
    29. Theatre 265: Documenting Queerness

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