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Transfer Credit

No more than a total of four graduate credits earned at another institution and/or graduate credit earned as a special student (see above) may be counted toward the M.S. in Accounting at Rhodes. A minimum grade of B- must be earned for any course credit to be transferred.

Transfer Credit Guidelines. The following guidelines are used in evaluating academic work from other institutions for graduate transfer credit.

  1. The institution at which the course work is taken must be an accredited college or university.
  2. Correspondence courses and distance learning (Internet) courses will not be accepted for meeting the program’s prerequisites (except as approved by the director), area courses, or degree requirements.
  3. To be accepted for credit, each course must be judged comparable in terms of content and quality to a course in the graduate curriculum at Rhodes. The Program Director makes these judgments.
  4. All course work taken at other institutions for which Rhodes receives a transcript will be evaluated for transfer credit, and if acceptable, will be posted to the student’s record.
  5. A maximum of 4 credits (1 credit = 1 semester hour) will be accepted toward the Rhodes M.S. in Accounting degree. Transfer credits based on a quarter system are converted to the Rhodes credit basis using the formula that one quarter hour equals two-thirds credit. Fractional transfer credits will be credited.
  6. Transfer credits are not accepted if the grade is C+ or below. Transfer credits are credited to the Rhodes transcript as credits only; they are not used to determine the grade point average.
  7. Transfer credit may be used to satisfy M.S. degree requirements.

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