BUS 484 Social Impact of Business in South Africa


This Maymester course will include an exploration of the impacts (both positive and negative) that for-profit companies can have on a developing country.  Specifically, students will explore the lingering effects of Apartheid regimes on businesses and culture in two specific cities in South Africa.  They will examine diversity and inclusion in the workplace, as well as how businesses are striving to affect the vast divide between the rich and the poor within the country.  Students will meet with social entrepreneurs and corporate leaders in Johannesburg and Cape Town and will discuss the positive impact that socially responsible businesses have made to date, what they are still hoping to accomplish and how the government has attempted to regulate corporate social responsibility.  In addition, students will grapple with the negative outcomes of putting societal issues into the hands of corporate leaders to solve (negatives both for the corporations and for the community.)

Prerequisite: BUS 351 or BUS 361 or BUS 371

Degree Requirements