BUS 486 Senior Seminar in Business

2, or 4 by permission of Department Chair

A study of the theory and practice of setting and administering business policy, this course integrates the student’s previous study of economics and business. Emphasis is on appraising a company’s performance and strategy considering general social and economic conditions, as well as the internal conditions of the firm; developing objectives, policies and plans; and developing, guiding, and maintaining an administrative organization to carry out the plans and meet the objectives. Pedagogy includes computerized case studies in business and team teaching. Students are organized into teams for case preparation and presentation, and will be required to present their analyses orally and in writing and to respond to analyses of other students.


Prerequisites: Senior Status; Corporate Financial Management, Management of Organizations, Marketing Management, Completion of at least two of the upper level business electives from two different areas as required for a major in Business, or permission of the Department Chair.