Art & Art History

ART 120 Chemistry and Art

This is an interdisciplinary course investigating science and art through the analysis of related themes and experiences. The course will not privilege one method of inquiry over another, nor does it seek to compare or contrast them. Rather, it is the explicit goal to see artistic and scientific inquiry as related expressions of the human mind. The instructors presuppose no more than a general awareness of art history or applied science but we expect a commitment to investigate aspects of both disciplines with equal enthusiasm.

ART 151 Survey of Western Art

A survey of Western art from prehistory to the twentieth century. In the first half of the semester emphasis is placed on examining art within the producing cultures of ancient Egypt, the Near East, classical Greece and Rome, the Byzantine world, and medieval Europe. The second half of the semester emphasizes the development and expansion of Renaissance ideals of art, and the reassessment of these ideals in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries.

ART 152 Survey of Contemporary Art

A comprehensive introduction to European and American art and art criticism since 1940. Movements and sensibilities to be studied include Abstract Expressionism, Pop, Minimal, Feminist, and Neoexpressionism. Themes examined will include modernism and postmodernism, mass culture, art and politics, gender, race, and other markers of identity. Artists include Pollock, Warhol, Spero, Chicago, and Ringgold.

ART 207 Intermediate Sculpture

Emphasis will be on the development of ideas as they relate to traditional and non-traditional approaches to making art. Students will develop skills in modeling, casting, wood working, and alternative media. This course situates students within the contemporary art world and challenges them to articulate thoughts and concepts through the art making process.

ART 209 Art and Architecture of the Ancient Near East and Egypt

This course explores the art and architecture of the ancient Near East and Egypt. The chronological survey will examine the materials, techniques, categories of artifacts, and conventions (of both form and subject matter) of these cultures with a significant emphasis on the social, political, and religious contexts in which they were created.

ART 212 Introduction to Performance Art: Making Everyday Actions Extraordinary

In 1973, Mierle Ukeles was invited to exhibit her art at the Wadsworth Athenium Museum. Her exhibition consisted of cleaning and maintaining the building, including a grueling 8 hours spent washing its front steps. In 1990, Rirkrit Tiravanija cooked and served curry in a commercial gallery in New York. The meal was free for anyone who wanted it. In 2010, Marina Abramović sat silently in the lobby of the Museum of Modern Art for 736 hours. Visitors waited in line for hours, some camping out for days, to sit in a chair across from her and look into her eyes.

ART 213 Digital Art: Intermediate Projects

Advanced studio work in digital arts, focused on creating electronic media-based projects geared toward individual student interests. Students can work with either still or moving images.