FREN 102 Elementary French

A continuation of 101. Additional fundamentals of the language including pronunciation, grammar, reading, writing, and speaking.

FREN 154 African Literatures of French Expression in Translation

An introduction to the reading and analysis of African literatures written in French. The course examines identity/otherness, “race,” cultural hegemony, oral literatures, gender-related issues, and post-colonialism. No prior knowledge of French is necessary: All works are read and discussed in English. Open to seniors with permission of instructor only.

FREN 200 Intensive French

Immersion-style French language study at the intermediate level, in a Francophone country. May be used to satisfy the college’s
proficiency requirement in foreign languages.

FREN 201 Intermediate French

Continued practice and acquisition of the basic language skills: listening, reading, speaking, writing, and cultural proficiency.

FREN 202 French and Francophone Connections

Enhanced practice and acquisition of linguistic and cultural skills. Particular attention is placed on the discussion of literary and cultural texts, and on exploration of current topics in the French-speaking world.

FREN 305 Intensive French

Immersion-style French language study beyond the intermediate level, in a Francophone country. Counts as one elective course beyond the three core courses in the French minor.

FREN 306 Conversation Practicum

Emphasis on oral expression and listening comprehension. Small group format. May be repeated once for credit with a different
instructor or topic. Recommended in conjunction with French 301.