Latin American Studies

LTNS 200 Introduction to Latin American Studies

An introduction to the diverse cultural, social, and political realities of Latin America and the Caribbean. The region is examined from an
interdisciplinary perspective that draws on the fields of literature, anthropology, sociology, history, and international studies. Major topics
covered in the course include gender, ethnicity, religion, magical realism, immigration, revolution, dictatorship, and human rights. The
course is intended as a broad overview of Latin American studies.

LTNS 460 Latin American Studies Internship

A work experience at one of several local non-profit organizations and other entities whose missions intersect with the Latin American
Studies curriculum. Prior to enrolling in the course, students should research placement options with Career Services and Latin American
Studies faculty. The course is conducted under the joint supervision of a Latin American Studies faculty member and a representative of
the partner organization. Students who enroll in the course for less than four credits may repeat the course for up to four total credits.

LTNS 485 Senior Seminar

Senior Seminar is an interdisciplinary research project from the following departments: Anthropology/Sociology; History; International
Studies; Modern Languages and Literatures (Spanish), Theatre, Biology. Students must combine two disciplines in their research and
work under the supervision of faculty members of the Latin American Studies Committee.