THEA 100 Introduction to Theatre

This course introduces fundamental approaches to thinking about and doing performance. Traditionally-understood theatre history, literature, design, acting, and directing are situated in their appropriate places in a global, intercultural, and interdisciplinary context, where concepts, purposes, and methods of performing are various.

THEA 120 Acting I

Introduction to acting techniques for stage and screen, including script analysis, character development exercises, and improvisation. This course involves ongoing performance training, an on-set experience, and a final showcase performance.

THEA 129 Applied Acting

Actual stage experience in one of the subscription series productions ranging from minor to major roles. Investigation into character, period and author will be included. 46 hours of work will be required for each academic credit.

THEA 140 Hip Hop and the Text

We will study the origins of hip hop music as an African retention and a cultural response in African American culture and American society. We will examine the music and the performance of lyrics through the lens of race, class, and gender. We will explore the field through dance, video, music, television, film, and literary works. We will discuss the implications of appropriation, sexual politics, consumerism, and globalization of African American culture through hip hop culture. Lastly, we will discuss hip hop as a form of resistance to mainstream society.

THEA 147 Nia: Mindful Movement

Students will be introduced and participate in mindful movement utilizing the NIA Technique. The class will involve 150 minutes of classroom instruction each week. Students will be required to read the NIA Technique book which will be addressed during participation in class. A fusion of dance, martial arts, and healing arts, Nia is a cardio fitness technique performed barefoot to music from around the world.

THEA 150 Production Technologies

This course provides an introduction to technical theatre, with emphasis on standard scenic elements and lighting mechanics. A significant practical laboratory gives students hands-on experience with set construction and lighting.  Formerly THEA 220

THEA 170 Stage Management

Introduction to Stage Management will focus on the skills and mechanics necessary to contribute to the production process as a stage manager with a focus on organization, leadership and communication. Open to non-majors with the permission of the instructor.


THEA 205 Acting and Activism in the Americas

This class offers an opportunity for extended study on how acting and activism shape human relations in the Americas. We will focus on artists and scholars writing from the territories of North, Central, and South America, thinking of these places transnationally through the social dynamics specific to the history of this hemisphere including the effects of colonization, settlement, migration, and discrimination.