EDUC 225 African American Experiences in U.S. Schools


This course provides a theoretical and empirical overview of the experiences of Blacks in education. The course will begin with a brief synopsis of historical perspectives on the education of African Americans, including key factors responsible for inequalities and oppression within the U.S. education system (e.g., segregation and institutional racism). Next, the course will explore key psychological issues that relate to the academic challenges (teaching and learning processes), motivation and scholastic achievement of African American youth. The course will continue its study with an investigation of the structural factors and social contexts that influence the African American schooling experience as well as examine how these schooling experiences may differ as a function of gender and class. This course will conclude with a critical analysis of evidence based practices and social-psychological interventions for African Americans and the policy/practice implications that they provide for improving educational outcomes for African American youth. Participants in this course will have an opportunity to strengthen understanding of course topics and real world issues through volunteering at a nearby school.

Degree Requirements