EDUC 360 Clinical Field Experience

Spring, Fall

Field experiences are designed to give students guided and controlled experiences with professionals in elementary and secondary schools, and in some cases with community partners. They are also designed to expand and challenge personal and professional attitudes while providing personal and professional growth opportunities for prospective teachers and other professionals in education. Observation and first-hand experience within P-12 settings provide candidates with information and tools that complement classroom study and assist in the development of pedagogical skills, knowledge, and dispositions necessary for effective teaching. Secondary licensure candidates will complete three one-credit field placements; elementary candidates will complete four one-credit placements. All field experiences for licensure candidates will occur in Shelby County Schools (SCS). Licensure students enrolled for one credit will complete a minimum of 60 hours in an assigned SCS classroom. Students in the non-licensure tracks will complete three one-credit field placements; at least one of these must be in a school. Field placements must be requested and approved by the Director of Licensure and Field Placements and finalized in the semester prior to enrollment.  Application deadlines are posted on the Educational Studies website. A minimum grade of B is required for students seeking licensure.  Students who earn lower than a B in this course must repeat the course.

Degree Requirements