EDUC 499 Clinical Student Teaching

Spring, Fall

In order to obtain a teaching license in the state of Tennessee, all teacher licensure candidates at Rhodes are required to complete a semester of student teaching. The state requires that all candidates complete two distinct 8 week placements in one or two Shelby County Schools. Candidates will begin their student teaching on the first day of the SCS calendar year. Twice a month, candidates will meet to discuss their experiences and practices with a Rhodes faculty member. Prior to student teaching, all candidates will be fingerprinted and must pass a criminal background check. Candidates are also expected to attend all orientations hosted by SCS or and Rhodes. Clinical Student Teaching Applications can be found on the program website and must be submitted by the designated deadline. It is highly recommended that candidates meet with the Director of Teacher Licensure and Field Placements prior to submitting the application. A minimum grade of B is required of all licensure candidates. Candidates who earn lower than a B in this course must repeat the course.

Prerequisite: Completion of all teaching licensure coursework