ENGL 405 Advanced Creative Nonfiction Workshop


In this course, students who have taken Intro to Creative Writing and Intermediate Creative Nonfiction will continue their study of literary nonfiction writing, honing their skills as a reader, a writer, and a critic. Students will read literary essays as well as essays on craft, and will produce a substantial body of their own work, which will be discussed in roundtable workshops.

In creative nonfiction, writers are guided by by two equally powerful forces—the facts (those unalterable details of time, place, people, and history) and the self (the consciousness, the "I" who experiences, argues, presents, and feels). In this advanced course, students will read and write with careful attention to these two forces. They will discover the ways in which prose style and form are inextricable from content. They will learn to hone their unique voices and forms and to write with skill and verve about things that are real.