FREN 355 (Im)migration in France: Contemporary Representations and Debates

Spring, Fall

This course explores the diversity of France through its immigrant population (including but not limited to North African, West African, and Caribbean, as well as second and third generation immigrants). After discussing the history and composition of immigration in France, debates around national identity and integration vs. assimilation, we will look at cultural production as well as official policy pertaining to migration. We will examine visual and discursive rhetorical strategies used in films and other media to represent ethnic, cultural, and religious minorities, discrimination, secularism, national education, and women’s rights. We will consider questions of space and urban environments in France and contextualize current French and European laws regarding migrant camps in northern France. Texts to include essays, novels, short stories, films, music, photography, and street art.

Prerequisites: French 320, 321 or 322, and 323 or 324.