HIST 272 Africa since 1800





Major requirement: History of Africa/Middle East
This course provides an introduction to the history of Africa since 1800 by examining important social, economic, political, religious,
and environmental changes from 1800 to the present. Although we consider African engagement with Europe, this is not a course on
Europeans in Africa or European colonialism; rather, we will explore the ways in which Africans have both responded to and created
change over time. We will examine such developments as: the decline of the slave trade; Islamic revival and reform; European conflict
and colonialism; urbanization and industrialization; the First and Second World War; decolonization and Pan-Africanism; nation building
and the Cold War; famine and epidemics; authoritarian and democratic governance; and international aid and globalization. The course
will also consider various themes, such as: African spiritual belief and practice; African political structures and economic systems;
African attitudes towards Europe and empire; and African identities. By examining major historical transformation and themes in
African history since 1800, students will acquire the means to understand contemporary African societies and their relationship with the
wider world.

Degree Requirements