INTD 460 Interdisciplinary Internship

Spring, Fall, Summer

Health Profession Section

The Health Profession Section Internship Offering is designed to introduce students to practical applications of their academic work. Students may work off campus under professional supervision in fields related to the health professions. Students will be required to integrate academic and work experiences in a written report due at the end of the internship. No more than 4 credits per semester for no more than two semesters; at least three hours involvement per week per credit. Pass/Fail credit only. Prerequisites: Permission of the internship program director and instructor of the Health Profession section.

Interdisciplinary Internship

An Interdisciplinary Internship may be designed for students undertaking internships in areas of study in which there is no established department or program of study within the current curriculum.  Guidelines established for interdisciplinary internships align with college policies regarding internships, and require approval from appropriate academic departments or programs, as well as Career Services.  Grading policy for these internships is determined by academic faculty responsible for oversight of the project, and is most often based on the Pass/Fail grading option.


Degree Requirements