INTS 840 European Integration


This course is a part of the Contemporary Europe Option of the European Studies Semester Abroad.

Students will analyze the economic, social, political, and strategic integration of Europe since WW II. The course will analyze the Cold War division of Europe and the founding of integrating mechanisms such as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Coal and Steel Community, the precursor of the European Union.  Students will study the development of the European Union, including the geographic enlargement of the EU by adding member states and the functional expansion of EU institutions.  The course will examine how governance structures developed during the process of expansion. In addition, attention will be paid to aspects of European integration that have given rise to contention among member states, including immigration policy and monetary integration. What defines "Europe" and being a "European?" How does membership in a regional organization such as the EU affect national identity and nationalism in member states?

Degree Requirements