MUSC 140 Music and Healing

Spring, Fall

This course examines the history of music and healing and explores current applications of music to healing—inside and outside the
professional medical community. The course will explore healing rituals and methodologies of primitive cultures, applications of music
to healing through music therapy, the incorporation of music into so-called “new age” healing, and the new field of “Medical
Ethnomusicology” that has emerged as a means to understand similarities between these seemingly disparate disciplines. It offers
students opportunities to experience the powerful connections that exist between music and human physiology and psychology through
class activities like drum circles, music and meditation, guided imagery and music, song writing, and group improvisation; as well as
opportunities to see music as an agent of healing with daycare children at Hope House and the elderly at The Parkview. No prior
technical knowledge of music or medicine is required or assumed for students taking this course.

Degree Requirements