MUSC 152 Beginning Contemporary/Commercial Dance


A physical examination of dance as an art form and expression of culture, this course introduces the
student to practices, application, technique, terminology and philosophies of Contemporary and
Commercial dance in a practical dance class setting. Contemporary dance incorporates aspects of
movement from jazz, modern and ballet and allows the student to examine dance as a means of
expression, emotion and storytelling. Commercial dance derives from hip-hop and jazz influences in
popular culture (as seen in live musical artist performances as well as online on social media). Both
Contemporary and Commercial dance are an amalgamation of many different styles of movement, and
this course will launch the body through those genres to fulfill an outbound expression of the inner life.
The course utilizes studio classes beginning with an isometric warm-up, structured exercises,
improvisation, combinations of movement and discussion to explore the functional, expressive and
creative possibilities of movement. Occasionally, video examples may be used to establish tone and
style. Supplemental reading will be assigned from class text books.

Degree Requirements