MUSC 194 Scenes from Musical Theatre and Opera


Scenes from Musical Theatre and Opera is a performance class designed for students of all levels interested in performing scenes from musical theatre, opera, and operetta. Students will be guided by Rhodes music faculty in all aspects of preparation and performance of such scenes, including: musical and vocal coaching, work in various styles, dramatic coaching, staging, and production elements such as writing and delivering introductions to scenes, staging, basic stagecraft and lighting. 

The class will incorporate issues relevant to Lyric Theatre such as text and musical interpretation, characterization, blocking, movement and scenic/presentation elements. Musical and vocal dramatization will be key elements of the course. Students will be cast in various scenes selected by the faculty, appropriate to each student’s vocal and musical level of development. They will present their work in a public performance at the conclusion of the semester. This course will be attractive for majors, minors, and non-majors alike. While there are no prerequisites, enrollment is dependent upon co-enrollment in MUSC 163, Applied Voice Lessons, and students must have the recommendation of their applied voice teacher.