MUSC 224 Creation of Virtual Ensemble


How to create a Virtual Ensemble. This course is designed to introduce the student to the components and procedures needed to create a Virtual Ensemble. It is designed to enable the musician (vocal and instrumental) to discover and process the materials needed, the steps required, offer the skills necessary and the mechanisms needed in order to create a virtual ensemble, whether it is vocal or instrumental. This course is offered with a focus to cultivate essential, basic skills at a foundational level, entry level, revealing the processes needed to create a virtual ensemble. The intended outcome of this course is to produce a virtual ensemble product at a rudimentary level, including both audio and video components. The course will address creating, combining, mixing and editing audio and video recordings through the process of post-production. The student needs to be familiar with computer hardware software, and have knowledge of musical notation enough to effectively work in this process.

Computer Skills and Music Notation knowledge: MUSC 204 or equivalent, or permission of instructor

Degree Requirements