MUSC 252 Intermediate/Advanced Dance for Musical Theatre


A further physical exploration of musical theatre dance based on a repertory of Broadway productions,
this course will examine choreography that runs the gamut of musical theatre storytelling in America.
Dance for Musical Theatre is an amalgamation of many different styles of movement, and this course
will journey the mind and body through those genres to examine how specific physical executions and
formations can move an audience. As an intermediate/advanced course, the difficulty and style of the
choreography will pull intensely from jazz, ballet, modern, contemporary, commercial and hip-hop
dance genres.
Teaching/Learning Strategies
The course utilizes studio classes beginning with an isometric warm-up, structured exercises,
character improvisation, combinations of movement and discussion to explore storytelling on the
American stage. Occasionally, short excerpts of video examples will be used to establish tone and
style. Supplemental reading will be assigned from class text books.

Prerequisite:  MUSC 150 or 2-4 years of formal dance training

Degree Requirements