Requirements for a Minor in Music

  1. One Music Theory course (4 credits)
           a. MUSC 204 (Understanding Musicianship) or one 300-level music theory course, depending on placement.
  2. One of the Music History & Literature survey courses (4 credits)
           a. MUSC 227 - European Musical Heritage I [F3]
           b. MUSC 228 - European Musical Heritage II [F3]
  3. Two 4-credit Music electives (8 credits)
           a. Courses from MUSC 160-199 do not fulfill this requirement.
  4. Performance (8 credits)
           a. 4 semesters of lessons (MUSC 160-178 = 1 credit each)
           b. 4 semesters of large ensembles (MUSC 180-184, 190-194 = 1 credit each)

Once declared, Music minors will have the Applied Music fees waived for up to four (4) credits of their principal applied instrument. Music minors taking more than four (4) credits of Applied Music and lessons taken prior to declaration of the minor will be charged the applied fee for those credits.

NOTE: Music Talent Award and Fine Arts Award recipients' conditions for waivers of Applied Music fees are outlined in their award letters, which supersedes music major and minor fee waivers as contained here.