Physical Education

Physical Education classes are offered each semester for students who wish to take courses to fulfill degree requirements and for their own growth, development, and pleasure. Courses are taught for seven weeks (one-half of a semester), and all classes are open to both men and women. Courses offered during the first seven weeks of the semester are numbered in the 100s, and courses numbered in the 200s are offered during the second seven weeks of the semester.

Three half-semester courses of Physical Education are required for graduation under Foundation 12. These courses carry no academic credit and are graded on a pass-withdraw basis. For each successfully completed, full-semester course in one of the ROTC programs, a student will be credited with one course of the Physical Education degree requirement of three courses.

Physical Education courses for which proper registration is not made will not be credited to a student’s record retroactively. It is the student’s responsibility to be sure that he or she is properly registered for the course during the semester in which it is taken.