New York Study Away

Students gain meaningful, real-world work experience in New York City, learning experientially in several domains: career readiness and marketability, training in cross-cultural adaptation to one of the largest and busiest cites in the US, and academically through the two 4-credit courses offered on this program. The New York City Study Away Program occurs in the fall semester in NYC and is composed of one 8-hour internship and two 4-credit classes, for a total of 16 academic credits. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the urban setting of New York City and its proximity to museums, libraries, theatres, galleries, nongovernmental organizations, international organizations, and entire industries like finance. This pre-professional program leverages our strong alumni community and internship opportunities in NYC with two academic courses on the history of the people of New York and the theatre industry on and off Broadway. This is a collaborative program between Centre, Sewanee, and Rhodes.