SPAN 325 Minority Voices in Contemporary Spain: Old Baggage, New Arrivals


Since the beginning of its transition to democracy, Spanish society has undergone cultural, political, and social transformations from which historically marginalized voices have continued to emerge and vie for recognition, acceptance, and authentic representation. This course introduces students to the developing situation of minority groups as perceivers and the perceived within contemporary Spanish society. More specifically, through a literary, journalistic, and cinematic lens, the course prioritizes, not only the historical and contemporary factors that have shaped behaviors, perceptions, and attitudes toward minorities, but also the lens through which minority groups see and perceive their own experiences. Within the context of Spain, we will explore experiences based on linguistic and cultural diversity within Catalonia, Basque Country, Galicia, Andalusia as well as experiences and representations of other minority and marginalized groups, such as African, Latin American, Romani, and LGTBQIA communities living in Spain.

Degree Requirements