SPAN 404 Contemporary Mexican Literature and Visual Arts


From the Visión de los vencidos to Alfonso Reyes’s Visión de Anáhuac, Mexican literature has shared its space and maintains a constant dialogue/friction with other types of cultural representation. Focusing on the interplay of four different types of art (photography, painting, literature and film) we will examine in this course five key moments for Mexican literary production and visual arts, from the Mexican Revolution to the present. Writers such as Rulfo and Poniatowska, muralistas like Orozco and Rivera, photographers such as Ituribide and López, and filmmakers from Buñuel to Cuarón will help us in examining and reframing the most common issues of Mexican cultural studies, such as cultural identity and the remaking of the indigenous past; cultural hybridization; the creation of the Modern Mexican nation; race, class, sexuality and gender relations; and immigration/border issues with the US.

Prerequisites: Spanish 301, 301, 305, 309 or permission of the instructor

Degree Requirements