SPAN 302 Advanced Spanish Language and Culture

A study of rich, complex aspects of the Spanish language with emphasis on the four skills of speaking, understanding spoken Spanish, writing, and reading. Special attention is given to the idiomatic character of the language. Each section focuses on a specific field of study, social and cultural context, and/or current events. Aural comprehension and oral production are stressed in 301; composition is stressed in 302, a writing intensive course. These courses need not be taken in sequence.

ENGL 364 Advanced African American Literature

The advanced course in African American literature will offer the student a focused study of a particular theme or topic within the African American literary tradition. In addition to literary works, this course will engage historical and critical pieces. Varying by year, subjects might include: African American Literary Theory, African American Satire, Black Existentialist Literature, the Harlem Renaissance, the Black Arts Movement, African American Modernism/Postmodernism, or any other focused examination of a topic or genre within African American literature.