HIST 281 East Asia in the Modern World

Major Requirement: History of Asia
This course presents a survey of the modern experiences of five different Asian nations: China, Japan, Mongolia, Korea, and Vietnam. The emphasis will be on the period from World War II to the present, to examine these different countries’ experiences with nationalism, world war, civil war, revolution, and modernization along with the tenacity of tradition. The course also will examine the relationships among these nations and their significance in the modern world.

HIST 282 Traditional China

Major Requirement: History Asia, Period prior to 1500
Beginning with the earliest evidence of human civilization in the region, this course traces the emergence of political states within China and their eventual unification into a single empire, an institution that persisted for millennia. Throughout this process the development of literature, religion, philosophy, and material culture in Chinese society all played a role in shaping the character of China today.

HIST 385 Nomads of Inner Asia

Major requirement: History of Asia, Period prior to 1500
This course examines the history of the pastoral nomadic peoples who have inhabited the Eurasian steppe region since early times, with particular attention paid to the creation of nomadic empires and their relations with sedentary neighbors in China, Europe, and the Middle East. The course will focus on the histories of the Scythians, Xiongnu, Huns, Turks, and Mongols.

Prerequisite: Sophomore Status