RELS 211 Contemporary Theology

A survey of the major issues and figures in theology in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The course focuses on the special challenges to theology posed by the modern world.

RELS 214 Early Christian Literature

A study of selections from the early Greek Fathers (e.g., Clement of Rome, Ignatius of Antioch, and the Epistle of Barnabas) whose writings extend the biblical tradition into the second century CE and mark a formative stage in the development of Christian creed and canon.

RELS 231 Faith, Health and Justice

Community-integrative course that examines the complex relationships between race and social class, access to health care, religious faith, and health outcomes. Students will serve in placements that allow them to study faith-based community agencies that aim to promote health equity and to redress health disparities in Memphis.

RELS 233 Pain, Suffering, and Death

A seminar that examines critical issues and problems of crisis experience involving pain, suffering, and death using various disciplinary perspectives and pedagogical methods, including interviews with health care professionals. Designed primarily for students considering health or human service vocations (e.g., medical professions, counseling, social work, ministry), but also of interest to others.

PHIL 240 Philosophy of Religion

An exploration of central problems in contemporary philosophy of religion, such as the arguments for the existence of God, the problem of evil, the meaningfulness of theological language, and the relationship of faith and reason. Course offered intermittently.

PHIL 250 Topics in Philosophy

A seminar in which topics of current interest are presented and discussed. Topics may involve both classical and contemporary
philosophical texts. Typically, topics focus on issues that raise significant moral questions in contemporary society.

GRRO 250 Serving Gods: Religion in Ancient Greece and Rome

This course will use documents and material artifacts to reconstruct the beliefs and rituals of the traditional religions of Greece and
Rome. The approach will focus on particular shared aspects of the sacred among the Greeks and Romans. Topics will include Greco-
Roman theology, sacrifice and its interpretation, hero cult, the afterlife, oracles and forms of prophecy, maintenance of sanctuaries,
philosophical religion and emperor worship.

RELS 251 Religion in America

A historical analysis of American religion, examining the diversity of religions in America through the study of selected beliefs, practices, and institutions.