THEA 100 Introduction to Theatre

This course introduces fundamental approaches to thinking about and doing performance. Traditionally-understood theatre history, literature, design, acting, and directing are situated in their appropriate places in a global, intercultural, and interdisciplinary context, where concepts, purposes, and methods of performing are various.

MUSC 101 Music: A Sound Experience

This course is designed to increase knowledge of the history and traditions of Western art music. A primary goal of the course is to
develop greater skill in active listening. While the focus of the course is the European classical tradition from 1600 to the present,
discussions will also include excursions into world music, film music, folk music of various cultures, and American traditions, to provide
a greater appreciation of the larger musical world. This course is for students who are not music majors.

ART 102 Intro to Digital Art

Introductory studio experience in the use of digital technology in the fine arts. Topics include digital imaging, motion graphics, video editing, and computer animation. This course will also trace technologically driven art from pioneering efforts to current trends, and the central role played by computers in the field of electronic art.

MUSC 103 Elements of Music

This course is designed for the student who is curious about how music is organized, as well as for the beginner who needs some extra
work in fundamental topics. Through written, aural, and keyboard skills, students gain knowledge of pitch notation, rhythm and meter,
scales, intervals, chords, simple harmonic progressions, and cadences.

MUSC 105 Topics in Music

Topics courses are designed to focus on special interest topics such as Women in Music, Music of Africa, Memphis Music, Sacred Music
Traditions, and Understanding Jazz Language.

ART 105 Painting

An introduction to the fundamentals of acrylic painting, including its formal and conceptual properties.

ART 107 Sculpture

Emphasis will be on the development of ideas as they relate to traditional and non-traditional approaches to making art. Students will develop skills in modeling, casting, wood working, and alternative media. This course situates students within the contemporary art world and challenges them to articulate thoughts and concepts through the art making process.

ART 110 Film and Experimental Video Production

An introduction to the production of film and video. Students will explore a variety of film making practices by producing works in narrative and documentary genres as well as experimental videos and art films. Using a wide variety of tools, students will gain experience in cinematography, non-linear video editing, and sound production while also expanding their understanding of the histories, practices and theories of filmmaking.

ART 115 Creative Publishing: Zines, Comics, Manifestos and Artist's Books

Students in this course will conceptualize, design, print, publish and distribute original zines of their own creation.  Students will utilize a variety of analog and digital methods of design, drawing, collage, scanning, photocopying, printing, marketing and distribution.  Assignments focus on the creative pipeline for DIY publishing.  Students will expand their understanding of the histories, practices and theories of creative publishing as a creative practice.