URBN 262 Music and Community in Memphis

Spring, Fall

In the course, students will join the Mike Curb Institute for Music to explore and understand the richness and complexity of Memphis through research and study, refection, and real-world experience. Theories and best practices of community integrative education will be studied and applied to tangible projects though the unifying theme of music and community. Students will come to this class from multiple backgrounds (Music, Film, Art, Urban Studies, History, English, Business, Computer Science, etc.) that will inform a variety of projects related to recording, marketing, entrepreneurship, music outreach and education, research, preservation, design, or performance. They will meet together to discuss and reflect on how their experiences in the class connect with what they have learned in other classes, and how their projects connect to each other and the city of Memphis. Students will also explore and reflect on how experiences like these shape their outlook on urban spaces and the role of the arts in these spaces.