URBN 310 Intro to Urban Planning and Design


What are the relationships between people and urban built environment? How do we plan
and design physical space and infrastructure to enhance social interaction and inclusion,
equal access to urban resources, and well-being of individuals and communities? This
course will introduce students to basic urban planning and design concepts, theories, and
case studies around the world. It aims to prepare students for their career and academic
paths in the field of urban planning and community development, and help students
develop global perspective and comparative approach by looking beyond the U.S. context
through the lens of urban planning and design in the world.

The course objectives include:
• Learn the basic history, concepts, and theories of urban planning and design.
• Understand the relationships between built environment, human well-being, and
social equity.
• Learn from different case studies of urban planning and design in the world, and
enhance a global awareness and a comparative urbanism approach.
• Build an urban planning toolbox and practice these tools in planning various
neighborhoods in Memphis